Writing a Song for Piano

Writing a song for piano is not much more difficult than writing it for any other instrument. You will find there are thousands of tips on the best way to write for piano but you should remember that these steps are not written in stone. Where one person may prefer to begin with the melody, you may want to work on your lyrics or structure first. Here are some sample steps you can use to write a song for piano.


Many people prefer to get the melody down before they do anything else, if that is your preference you can begin by humming the melody softly to yourself while you play the notes on your piano. More than likely you will not have perfect pitch so this may require a bit of trial and error but eventually you will have a melody you feel good about.


Another big part of song creation is harmony. You will want to use the melody notes you recorded earlier and match them to the bass or chord notes in order to create your harmony. Look at the notes in your melody bar; now match them with a chord that contains some of the same notes.

Chord Progression

Choose your key and then begin working on your chord progression. When you are writing a song for piano, you want to match your chord progression to the melody. The first and last measure should be an I Chord, which is the first triad of the key. You are getting ever closer to creating your first song for piano. Remember, if this is your first try you should keep things simple. Only work with about eight measures in a simple key until you perfect the craft.

Lyrics- Poetry

Some people prefer to begin with the lyrics while others want some music to set the words to, whichever way you prefer at some point it will be time to put the words on paper. Poetry writers make good songwriters and this is a simple way to get your creative juices flowing. Write your poem in a rhyming fashion and let the words pour from your heart, these are the hit songs in the making!


These of course are only the basics of writing a song for piano. As you can see you will need to have a basic understanding of playing the piano, musical notation and creating melodies and harmonies. However, whatever you do not know you can learn if the passion is there. Read everything you can about writing songs for piano or writing songs in general and you will soon be writing your own hit music.

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