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Songwriting software can make writing, recording and promoting your songs a lot more fun, easy and productive and greatly help organize and improve your songwriting efforts. lyric-wise, music-wise and marketing-wise.

Also, and perhaps most importantly, songwriting software may very well help you at least write better songs that you'll enjoy more and may even help lead to a chart busting hit :-)

This site is for all types of songwriting including pop, country, hip-hop, rap, r&b, rock, world, religious, children's, musical theatre and more. Basically any type of popular music.

And programs' instrument emphasis is on piano-keyboard and guitar for both PCs and Macs.

Plus, on this site you will also find a wide and growing array of songwriting items, programs and services that are designed to enhance your songwriting development and enjoyment along the way.

It is the mission of this site to explain and share songwriting software programs, tools and resources that are easy to learn and implement and will enable you to enjoy benefits like:


  • having an extensive rhyming dictionary and thesaurus just a mouse click away
  • clear, legible song ideas, songs in progress or complete songs nicely organized and easily retrievable for your next writing session
  • centralized lyric, lead sheet, arrangements and all recording files of you songs linked together
  • having a number of ready to fire brainstorming tools right there at your finger tips to stimulate new ideas and new directions for your songs
  • new, easy to use music production and recording programs that are inexpensive and can be downloaded now, geared for songwriters
  • the ability to email lyrics and music back and forth between or among co-writers or to your friend with the great ears who can tell you if it's a hit
  • ready to go tips, ebooks and ecourses to help you tackle the many adventures songwriters face daily
  • for some examples of these benefits click on any image to the right for full screen views of handy songwriting software tools in action from the software program Lyricist just one of the songwriting solution programs on this site


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Lyricist - Special Savings!

Ease your lyric and lead sheet writing with Lyricist.Lyricist - the premiere indispensable and affordable lyric and lead sheet music writing program that incorporates chord charting (guitar, piano and the Nashville Number System), key transposition, word processing (formatting, spell checking, etc.), thesaurus, rhyming dictionary, media file launch, song organization, emailing of your songs capability plus more! 

All the essential tools of the trade for writing and polishing lyrics and preparing lead sheets of your songs.

Performing Songwriter Magazine said this about Lyricist - "...what it does, it does well."

Click here for all the benefits Lyricist gives your songwriting and enjoy the Songwriting Software Plus discount - save $5.00. Or try it FREE for 30 days. CD or download


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Want to write lyrics and lead sheets more easily right now?

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Looking for a co-writer? ...a virtual CO-writer perhaps?

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Play Music

Need an easy way to notate your songs?

No music theory needed!

Ready to download!

• Get our best selling program, now in Version 3 that newly includes piano chords, song key transposing and the Nashville Number System on top of already very handy features like a built in rhyming dictionary, thesaurus, spell checker, etc.. Check out all the features and benefits of Lyricist by clicking here. • Take advantage of a collaborator who'll come up with hundreds of ideas and won't talk mean to you. Click here to see how ParaMind can help write new lines of lyric for you to see what choices might better capture your idea. It even brainstorms for you if you treat it right. Play Music…the easiest music composition software available. Just play or point and click your way through your song. Add your lyrics and print out your hit. Click here to see how easy it can be to write and Play Music.



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